About JW Paddles

JW Paddles makes high-quality BDSM wooden paddles for every consensual paddle enthusiast.

Whether you are a seasoned kink master or perhaps you just got started in the kink community, we have (or can make ) the perfect JW paddle for you.

Our process:

We start every BDSM spanking paddle with hand-selected premium wood from local suppliers. We look for distinct grain patterns, colors, and natural imperfections, which add to the uniqueness and beauty of the finished product. Every JW spanking paddle that we produce is one of a kind. We carefully select wood that is full of character and color.

Our three-piece BDSM spanking paddle design offers strength by making the blade from a solid piece of wood that runs through the entire paddle. We selected a contrasting color of wood not only for aesthetics but also because the added wood around the blade provides the paddle with superior balance and control.

We currently have four ergonomic handle designs, which cater to a variety of hand sizes. Finally, we complete our paddles by sealing them with up to four coats of a spar-urethane finish. This ensures that the spanking paddles are protected against the elements, can be easily cleaned, and will remain beautiful for years to come.

The pictures of the paddles in our online store correspond to our actual available stock. So as you go through the different pictures, keep in mind that the paddle you choose to purchase will truly be the paddle you receive.
We also encourage you to take a look at our events page. These are the events where we will have a variety of paddles on display and available for sale.

Who is behind JW Paddles?

We are just two guys, that met through our local kink community and share a passion for woodworking.

During a road trip down to a trendy Los Angeles area novelty shop, we noticed that the selection of paddles was minimal. The few paddles available were introductory cookie-cutter paddles that looked like the paint-stirring sticks you find at your neighborhood hardware store.

One would think these mass-produced paddles would be inexpensive, but to our surprise, these paddles were not cheap in price. We knew that with our woodworking skills, we could reproduce those paddles with no problem, but that’s not what we wanted to share with our community.

When we decided to start making paddles, we knew we wanted our paddles to be strong, beautiful, comfortable, and affordable. More importantly, we wanted to make them available to everyone from the novice kinkster to the most seasoned paddle spanker. We have JW paddles for almost all financial situations and accept custom orders as well.

Also, keep an eye out for our non-named BDSM JW spanking paddles. These are new designs that we are currently coming up with. If you are the first to purchase a non-named BDSM spanking paddle and play with it. You get the option to name that specific design after the person that bottomed for you (with everyone’s permission of course).

JW Paddles believes that all play/use of JW Paddles should be Fun, Safe, Sane, and Consensual between two adults. JW Paddles also recognizes that these paddles should not be used for corporal punishment in any way.


You can contact us by email at Info@jwpaddles.com

Our Privacy Policy can be found here: https://jwpaddles.com/about-jw-paddles/privacy-policy/

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